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Upcoming Events:

Shamanic 1st Year classes to begin
October 18, 2019

Reiki class
November 2-3, 2019

Shamanic 2nd Year classes to begin
June 5, 2020

Shamanic 3rd Year classes to begin
February 15, 2019

Monthly Reike Circle
6-8 pm
2nd Tuesday

Goddess Moon Ceremonies - monthly near the full moon


What is shamanism?
What is soul retrieval?
What is Peruvian shamanism?

SONQO, where we embrace
new ways of being with
experiential shamanic wisdom

In addition to Shamanic and Reiki classes, Alleson teaches ritual, smudging, pendulum use, journeying, non-consensual journey work, meditation, power animal work, rattle work and drumming as adjuncts to shamanic journeying, songs, chakra clearing and balancing, and numerous ceremonies including fire and death ceremony as featured in this podcast

In The Shamanic training series at SONQO there are three sequential and different series currently available. Each of the three series of classes are conducted as experiential in-depth wisdom over 4 separate weekend classes.

• The introductory shamanic classes focus on each student’s personal growth and their understanding of shamanic wisdom as it applies to their own personal healing work. Students create their own personal healing bundle, called a mesa.

• The second series classes are designed for students seeking to pursue a deeper understanding of the shamanic wisdom teachings with enhanced and in-depth personalized advanced training that also explores how to grow a personal shamanic practice using introductory shamanic healing techniques. Students continue to grow their mesa bundles within this class structure while also learning how to use their mesa as a healing mesa to help others

• The third advanced training series flow even deeper into the art and rhythms of ongoing personal exploration while also honing each practitioner’s shamanic healing techniques. While students continue to build upon their skills from the previous class, they will learn to dance in the shamanic realms where we will explore the exciting and traditional healing techniques with the advancement of their skills in the many forms of soul loss and retrieval, past life healing, entity and intrusive energy extractions, working through personal directions of power, and professional etiquette and ethical practices necessary for those wishing to become shamanic practitioners.